Masahiro Hiramoto released “OPERA ONE” after his 1st album “TOKYO nude”.
All 13 tracks in this album are categorized into 4 sections “Act1”, “Act2”, “Act3” and “Act4”, but there are not any voices and stories. There are “simple and solid sound space”, generated by computer based on an inspiration from a structure of universe and its forever changing, “aggressive high-speed beats”, “non-stop changing rhythm” and one comment “to ultimate fate of the universe”.
All the sounds in “OPERA ONE” are moving by each speeds. An overlapping of this actions creates the change of beats and rhythm. The sound space from “OPERA ONE” invites you to the universe and let you have an experience of the journey from a birth of the universe to the end through your ears.

平本正宏がファーストアルバム『TOKYO nude』に続く『OPERA ONE』を完成させた。全13曲は「Act1」「Act2」「Act3」「Act4」と4つのセクションに分かれているが、歌手や明確なストーリーは存在しない。あるのは、宇宙の物理的構造とその変遷からのインスピレーションを基にコンピューターでジェネレートされた、シンプルかつソリッドな音響空間、攻撃的高速ビート、変容し続けるリズム、そして、「to ultimate fate of the universe(宇宙の終焉へ)」というコメントのみである。

01 Act 1-1 3:07
02 Act 1-2 3:19
03 Act 1-3 6:35
04 Act 2-1 1:10
05 Act 2-2 1:55
06 Act 2-3 3:50
07 Act 2-4 6:53
08 Act 3-1 2:37
09 Act 3-2 5:20
10 Act 3-3 5:18
11 Act 4-1 4:13
12 Act 4-2 10:00
13 Act 4-3 2:24

Produce & Composed by Masahiro Hiramoto
mixed by Masahiro Hiramoto, Kazunari Motoki

Recorded at Tekna TOKYO Studio
Mastered by Masato Morisaki (Saidera Paradiso)

Artist Management : Masafumi Hiramoto

Jaclet Design : Takashi Suzuki

フォーマット:ダウンロード MP3
発売元:Tekna TOKYO

¥ 1,000


※こちらの商品はダウンロード販売です。(79111374 バイト)